Biography / 経歴
Information about artist Hiro Chiba. Education / solo or group Exhibition / awards / Interview
千葉尋の紹介ページです。教育 / 個展またはグループ展 / 賞歴 / インタビュー


Portfolio / 作品

▸Chloroplast Photography / 葉緑体写真
This is a technique that uses the natural reaction of the leaves. The resulting Chloroplast photo is very close to the concept of memory I thought of. I have a research period for the stability of the iconography. Now I’m working on the theme of “rethinking memory”.


▸Sculpture / 彫刻
Wood sculptures created from 2012 to 2014. If such a fossil is excavated, we would begin to study what kind of organism this is. It is a work that was born to consider “realistic people”.


Exhibition / 展覧会
Information about a solo / group Exhibition.


Contact / お問い合わせ
Please leave a message if you have any questions. Also, please ask me about media coverage and other requests.