Hiro Chiba

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Hiro CHIBA started pursuing her career as an artist, after finishing her master’s program and spending two years volunteering abroad.

Her works possess two perspectives that are clearly distinguished in her mind: that her works resemble the approach of outsider art artists while simultaneously using the angle of inside knowledge to bring those works to fruition. To these ends, she has been trying to observe her works from an inside point of view and interpret them into words.








Hiro Chiba started her chlorograph research during her graduate program at university.

She is renowned as being the pioneer in the field of chlorograph technique in the world, and also as one of few practitioners in the world that has established a production method which incorporates both the development and preservation of those developed images.


This production process has been patent pending as of May 20, 2021 with assistance from the Japan Patent Attorneys Association.

From its very nature that inspires strong nostalgic feelings, Chiba has been continually working on her chlorophyll prints and trying to figure out the reasons behind those feelings. 


There had been many different concepts as Chiba tried to interpret her art: depicting the pictures in her mind, recalling her memories, and even nostalgic nowadays…


Going through a pandemic, she came to realize that a nostalgic feeling is produced because they can be likened to portraits of the deceased to her.


It is not about whether the scenery she prints exists in today’s world or not, but the feeling it brings as she wonders if she will ever the same scenery ever again in her life.


In our lives, not seeing a person or place ever again can in some ways be quite the same as losing them without having realized it.


It is when we reflect on the past, we realize that was in fact where something was over. Death or the destruction of places are a few examples that memorialize those moments, but most of the time we face those final moments without knowing them for what they are.

That unpredictable sense of parting influenced Chiba to feel nostalgia from her works. This idea is the closest that she has been able to put into words so far. She is still observing and experimenting with her works today with the concept of unpredictable parting and decease, moving forward.

























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