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Joint exhibition has been started

We are planning to hold joint exhibition of Hiro Chiba and Kim soo.

Kim Soo thinks about eating other thing’s world (the universe) with a salad as a motif, and puts it into a work based on drawing animation.

My works that capture the same “plant leaves” as a medium for recreating memory, and her works that project the universe on the leaves have different representations, although it represent Common terms.

Please think about the projection of our world view by appreciating the actual works.

The work will be exhibited for a week in a pure Japanese style space called Teramachi Art Museum.


2019 11/26[Tue.] - 12/1[Sun.]

12:00 ー 18:00 (From 13:00 on the first day)

Entrance Free

Kim Soo:–

Hiro Chiba:All days

6-3, Yanaka 7, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Kim Sooとのふたり展を企画しています。

サラダをモチーフに、他人の世界(宇宙)を食べることに関して考察し、ドローイング・アニメーションを軸にした作品に落とし込むKim Soo。




2019 11/26[Tue.] - 12/1[Sun.]

12:00 ー 18:00 初日は13:00から


Kim Soo:なし

千葉 尋:全日在廊予定

〒110-0001 東京都台東区谷中7丁目6−3